About Chris, Founder at Re-ThinkWealth.com

Chris started investing in Singapore and U.S. stock market utilizing value investing & options selling strategies when he was just 21 years old.

He is 25 years old this year.

In the year 2015 at just the age of 22, he established Re-ThinkWealth.com – a blog where he often shares USA based value investing insights and options strategies.

He also guests blog in renowned U.S. fund focused investing websites such as Value Walk and Singapore investing sites such as The New Savvy, Investment Moats and Dollars and Sense.

In 2017, he was invited to share his insights on the art of value investing for students from Strategos in NUS Tembusu College and on entrepreneurship and investment for a graduating Diploma in Business cohort at Singapore Polytechnic.

In 2018, he was invited to be a mentor in the Youth Innovation Challenge organised by Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

On top of that, he often conducts his own personal closed group sharing session for some of his students (usually free of charge).

As of the end of quarter 1 of 2018, he manages a U.S. stocks six-figure portfolio making 18.21% annual compounded gain (capital gains + dividends + options premiums) (tracked starting from 1 March 2015 on a quarterly basis).

His focus today is on running RWOA.io VIM Club well and delivering Alpha sustainably. If you are interested to join the VIM Club, schedule a call with him here.

His Value Investing Philosophy

  • Mispricing
  • Inversion
  • Warren Buffett’s stock-picking criteria

    “We select our marketable equity securities in much the same way we would evaluate a business for acquisition in its entirety. We want the business to be:

    1. One that we can understand,

    2. With favorable long-term prospects,

    3. Operated by honest and competent people, and

    4. Available at a very attractive price.”