The Best Value Investing Course in Singapore – The VIM Club™

Chris Lee Susanto, Founder at Re-ThinkWealth.com

16 March 2019

Quick Summary: VIM Club is a Singapore startup I founded with the aim to be the ultimate value investing course in Singapore — and globally.

The approach is using twelve exclusive one to one educational lessons with the advantage of new monthly and weekly contents plus a valuable community.

Who is it for? It is for Complete beginners in stock investing (Suitable Even if You Have Zero Investing Experience!).

“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

After many years in the market, I have since concluded that the best investment that I have ever made is not merely in knowledge — but in applying that knowledge.

So I wanted to give back to the Singapore and global community in the most effective way possible. As of now, I feel that it has to be executed through Exclusive 1:1 lesson in order to guarantee my student’s application instead of teaching in groups — which is what most courses in Singapore and around the world do.

What Makes The Ultimate/Best Value Investing Course Different

1. The Ultimate Value Investing Course in Singapore and globally should be Results Driven

I feel that the ultimate value investing course should be results driven. Any course, if it does not change someone. If it does not give them results, then it is not a really good course.

Motivation is not enough.

A community is not enough.

One must take action.

A human can be busy, often times, it requires exclusive 1:1 accountability to push one to take action and apply the knowledge they learned. If not, whatever value investing or options selling course that one attend, they will still not take any action after the course.

That is just human nature. And we could not blame them too, because they are busy with their career, families and other things in life.

Taking action to apply the investing knowledge naturally might not be a natural part of their day to day life.

So the ultimate value investing course for every Singaporean should be one that is results driven.

2. All Rounder

The complete and ultimate value investing course should be an all-rounder.

What I mean by this is that it should combine both aspects of a personal understanding of the subject as well as an online platform that allows one to communicate and learn by themselves. This is the community aspect. VIM Club has a community that contains experts of the subject of value investing.

So an all-rounder means that the course fulfills the student’s need of having a single person to be accountable to them and at the same time, a platform for them to learn on their own.

Not only that, the ultimate value investing course is an all-rounder because it covers not only mastering of the basic concept of value investing and options selling, it also covers:

  • The psychological aspect of investing in stocks
  • How to analyze companies from qualitative and quantitative metric
  • How to value companies
  • How to construct a portfolio
  • How to measure and benchmark your returns properly

The ultimate value investing and options selling course is one that… covers it all (no further upselling) — and makes sure you apply all the knowledge that you learned through 1:1 exclusive educational guidance.

Key is to pass you everything you need to know on how to make your own decisions on what stock to invest in the stock market and at what price. Using value investing and options selling strategies that work.

3. Focused on Niche Subject — Value Investing and Options Selling

A course that is too general will usually not be a course that drives meaningful change in someone’s lives.

It has to focus on niche subjects. In our case, the VIM Club focuses on the niche subject of value investing and options selling. We use these two methodologies to aim to make a lot of money from the stock market.

4. Obvious Differentiation (What Makes It Different Than Other Value Investing and Options Selling Course in Singapore and globally)

An ultimate course should have obvious differentiation.

Our obvious differentiation is that it teaches you exclusively on a 1:1 basis — instead of in groups like most other value investing courses out there. Teaching you through exclusive 1:1 live lesson allows you to ask unlimited questions until you truly know how to apply the skills needed for you to generate consistent passive income from the stock market.

Without having to feel shy asking questions because you will stall the progress of your other coursemates.

Also, everyone’s brain is wired very differently. An exclusive 1:1 course allows the flexibility of the transferring of knowledge more effectively as compared to a group course — where everyone understands and think differently. And there might be some miscommunication involved in the transfer of knowledge.

What is Inside The Best/Ultimate Singapore/Global Value Investing & Options Selling Course

1. Combination of Twelve Online LIVE Exclusive 1:1 Lesson & Membership Site

In VIM Club, we have twelve exclusive 1:1 session for you to really learn the topic of value investing and options selling well. It will cover from the foundations to the most advanced method of analyzing and valuing companies. The key performance indicator for our success is that… your application will be guaranteed.

To accompany your customized learning, you will also have the state of the art membership site that contains all the information you need to be a better investor.

2. New Weekly and Monthly Value Investing Company Case Study And Insights

Every month, you will get a brand new stock case study written by me. Every week, you will get a weekly insight — and a weekly check-in via email. These monthly and weekly new contents are an important part of your educational journey to become a better investor.

What this means to you is that, not only you will be guided exclusively on a 1:1 basis until you understand how to — and to — apply the knowledge you learned, you will also see how I apply my knowledge with stock case studies every month!

What Makes A Value Investing Course Successful for the Singapore and Global audience — How to Create The Best/Ultimate Value Investing Course?

The answer: The Ability to Guarantee Transformation

Ultimately, you would want to get the best bang out of your buck. You want to invest in a course that gives you MASSIVE VALUE.

That is why I created the ultimate value investing course for you.

It is crafted in a way with the sole purpose to transform you to have a better life through investing in stocks in a business-like approach.

It is especially thought about and crafted for complete beginners in a way that gives the highest percentage of successful students that truly apply the knowledge they learned.

After all, knowing how to invest in stocks in a business-like way is an essential life skill for everyone who wants to be successful and live a good life.

And Ultimately It Should Have a High Percentage of Successful Students in Singapore and globally Who Led a Better Life — Through Stock Investing using Value Investing and Options Selling!

It is human nature to not take action. But those that do, my students — they are reaping the benefits out of it. Below are some of the things that my students say about VIM Club, your ultimate value investing and options selling course!

“Chris 1:1 mentorship has changed my life financially for the better. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in. The profit that I got easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in the club. He is a passionate value investor and it is evident in the work that he put in for his members.”

– Jess Liu, Executive Director, DBS Treasury & Markets

“I’ve been joining Chris’s class for more than a year now and I have profit between 20-40% of my stocks already and the best thing about Chris’s class is how simple he taught me about stocks. You don’t need to be smart or anything, all you need to do is follow Chris’s methods and it works for me!”

– MatthewAdvisor at Aurora Asset Management

“The very 1st article that I read word-to-word, written by him was on MBT. Then KERX, and most recently GME. I can imagine the tremendous amount of work and effort he poured in relentlessly for each case study. And his analytical precision is admirable. Chris has been very generous and sincere in imparting his well-versed knowledge in stock investing! Can definitely learn a lot from him and count on him to guide you on your baby steps into investing!”

– Darren, Doctor

“Chris has been an invaluable value investing mentor for me personally. His rigorous methodology of analyzing stocks along with his weekly and monthly newsletters have already helped me generate a tidy profit since I bought my first stock!”

– Pang Sheng WeiNTU Scholar & Data Scientist Intern

“Despite having >15yrs stock invest experience, I needed 1:1 guidance to stay focused in order to learn more about value investing. Chris’s newsletters and his personalized training can be of great help to beginners & matured investors.”

– RaviQuality Manager from leading US semiconductor MNC

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The information provided is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a personalized investment or financial advice.

Important: Please read our full disclaimer.

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