My Gratitude Journal as An Investor (And The Benefits of It)​

by Chris Susanto 

5 July 2020

Being a successful investor requires us to have equanimity in everything we do.

There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal, firstly, the balance of emotion.

Would you rather make $100,000 a year but all your friends and neighbors make $200,000 a year or would you rather make $50,000 a year but all your friends and neighbors make $25,000 a year? Most people choose two. But I would rather choose one and be happy and grateful for all my friends and neighbors that are making more than me.

Happiness is entirely based on ourselves. And keeping a grateful journal (such as this one) would aid in that. It helps us to focus on the positive aspect of life instead of the negative ones.

I will try my best to update this grateful journal every end of the day as regularly as I can.

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Here are three things I am grateful for today:

5/7/2020 – Grateful that I can see the beautiful blue sky, grateful to be able to walk to the park with such good weather using the park connector near my house, grateful that my dad cooked a really nice noodle for dinner.

6/7/2020 – Grateful to have a good meal at Sushi Tei, grateful that the world is making progress with the vaccine and grateful to have drunk a nice yogurt drink at the alley.

7/7/2020 – Grateful to had a beer with my dad overlooking the beach at Coastes Pasir Ris, grateful to have a safe and stable environment to work in, grateful to be alive.

10/7/2020 – Grateful for the learn air we breathe, grateful for the small investment mistakes I made when I am young so when I am older I can do much better, grateful for the many vaccines works that are being produced for COVID-19 now.

12/7/2020 – Grateful that with technology, we are able to enjoy life more easily today, grateful that the world is generally more peaceful and rational that it was during WW1 and WW2, grateful that nearby my house there is a lot of hawkers with really great and authentic food.

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15/7/2020 – Grateful that I am able to enjoy chips at the comfort of my home, grateful for my friends, and grateful to be able to find balance in life.

17/7/2020 – Grateful that a lot of people joined my free investing telegram channel, grateful to be able to eat Din Tai Fung, grateful to be healthy.

19/7/2020 – Grateful that I have a loving family, grateful that we could watch Train to Busan 2 today, grateful to be able to eat proper meals.

22/7/2020 – Grateful to be able to watch Netflix at the comfort of my home, grateful to be able to catch up with good friends over coffee and grateful to have found the craft of meditation through the app insight timer.

23/7/2020 – Grateful to have dinner at Georges at Pasir Ris Park with my family, grateful to have a well-lit park to walk even at night and grateful for Milo.

24/7/2020 – Grateful to eat relatively cheap and good food at Glutton Bay, grateful to have met many wonderful people and grateful for my cup of coffee.

28/7/2020 – Grateful to learn how to take things slow and how to be patient, grateful to learn how to be like water and grateful to be connected with great people.

3/8/2020 – Grateful to spend a whole day with my family at home watching TV, grateful that I have great students for my VIM Mentorship and grateful that I have made rational decisions so far in my investing journey.


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