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Discover the effective way to profitably invest (not trading or speculating) stocks and options like Chris the Founder and CEO of Re-ThinkWealth, and ensure consistent growth in your portfolio!

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Are You Facing Any Of These 4 Problems?

1. Have some spare savings that earn only 0-2% interest per year via bank deposit, fixed deposit, investment-linked policy etc?

2. Keen to learn if there is a proven system to invest safely in the stock market to give you an average return of 8%-15% per year? (Hint: we use value investing which means that we distinguish the price of stocks from the value of the underlying business)

3. Finds it hard to learn the fundamentals of stock investing using value investing and options selling methodology via reading the information from websites but feels that forking out US$2000-US$3000 to attend investment courses is beyond your budget?

4. Want to know how to analyze and understand stocks so that you can decide on which stocks to go for?


If the answer is YES, Read On As Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy (via RWOA Monthly or Yearly Plan) Might Be The Unique Solution You Have Been Waiting For.

All RWOA Plans Include 4 Thoughtfully Crafted Solutions:


1) Starter Guide on Value Investing and Option Selling

  • Have no clue about Stocks? It’s ok, Chris have put his years of experience investing in the stock market in this guide

  • His Starter Guide gives you the essential pieces of information on value investing and options selling that are not known by many such as Warren Buffett’s 4 criteria of investing and also how to sell options profitably in the stock market

  • You will immediately receive this guide upon joining us today
  • If you decide to cancel your plan within the 30 days trial, you still can keep the Starter Guide

2) Monthly Premium Value Investing Newsletter (PVIN)

  • The Newsletter focuses on the application of Value Investing and Options Selling knowledge. It Contains:
  • Chris’s Thoughts on Stock Investing based on his personal experience on using Value Investing and Options Selling methodology for his stocks portfolio that have achieved a positive return every year so far
  • It may also include other key lessons that he learned, from other investment information sources
  • Following that, he will be doing 1 stock analysis using Value Investing which is separated into 7 parts:
  • Chosen Stock for This Month’s Analysis
  • Company Overview
  • Latest News
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Valuation (Is There Value in This Stock?)
  • Options Selling Analysis (For Stocks with Options Market)
  • Conclusion
  • You can expect the newsletter to be in your inbox every last day of the month for Free as long as you are a member of RWOA

3) Unlimited Mentorship by Chris

  • Email Chris, Founder and CEO of Re-ThinkWealth at any time & get any of your questions answered within 2 working days
  • It’s like having a personal tutor at a fraction of the price!
  • Exclusive to RWOA members

4) Free Bonus: Monthly Live Q&A Session

  • Gain exclusive access to our premium members only Facebook group to have:
  • 30 minutes of monthly Live Q&A with Chris (leveraging on Facebook Live Technology) (on every last weekday of the month 7:30 am central time)
  • Investment education discussions with our content experts
  • All for no extra charge as long as you are a RWOA member

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Chris’s Seen On…

Various investment seminars focusing on specific stocks case studies and education on Value Investing and Options Selling.

Singapore Polytechnic. Sharing with students his journey and passion in Value Investing and the importance of investing in education early to achieve financial freedom– especially financial education.

In other companies that provide education on Value Investing. He talks about company’s stocks that he invested in.

National University of Singapore, Tembusu College. Sharing with students the key concept of The Art of Value Investing. 


Testimonial For Chris…

“Chris from Re-ThinkWealth has the Value Investing gene in him. I have seen his impressive investment analysis in action. I believe that all value investors will benefit by listening to his insights!”

Justin Tjoa

Co-founder and CEO, Algo Merchant Pte Ltd

“Great guy. Mature for his age and good insights. Would recommend that people subscribe to his newsletter – useful!”

Kevin Lim

Associate Director - Portfolio, Strategy and Risk Group, Temasek Holdings

“Chris displays great knowledge and familiarity as well as proficiency evident through his capability in producing stellar investing results!”

Cayden Chang

Director & Founder, Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy

“I’ve been very impressed with Chris as someone who sets goals for himself and works hard to realise each of them. In particular, he’s impressed me with his knowledge of the finance world – particularly value investing and options selling – and I have found his investing newsletter to be very informative. He’s also a genuinely pleasant and gracious person – and very grounded – someone I enjoy talking with whenever the opportunity arises. I’m excited to see where life is going to take Chris – what opportunities will come his way – I believe his level of initiative is going to take him far.”

Tom Estad

Academic Director, SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme, Singapore Management University

5 Reasons to Sign Up Today

1) More Profit

  • On a US$3000 Stock Investment, you might make a 5% Profit of US$150 – but with Education from us, you might Achieve More, for Example, a 15% Profit of US$450. US$300 More Profit

2) Less Cost

  • Only US$17/mo billed annually (US$204 per year) or US$27 billed monthly – as compared to Signing Up for an Investment Course Outside – that can Cost You up to US$2500


3) Insurance

  • This Special Low Price is for a Limited Time Only and will go up to Regular Price Soon. If you Sign Up now, the price will be Locked In for Life

4) Security

  • Secure Your Access to All Future Improvement at a Cost of US$0. Our latest improvement was the implementation of our premium members only facebook group for your Live Q&A

5) 100% Risk-Free!

  • Take advantage of the 30-day Trial. You can end your trial within the first 30 days and pay nothing

You Are Seconds Away From Experiencing Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy:

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  • Step 2 : Get your confirmation email

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  • Step 4 : Enjoy your Starter Guide, Monthly Newsletter, and Virtual Investment Mentorship

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RWOA Yearly Plan

  • Billed Yearly

What Our RWOA Students Say:

“The premium value investing newsletter (PVIN) found in Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy (RWOA) is very comprehensive. I love it and looking forward to it every month. You will not regret signing up for RWOA. It packs so much value that at the current price of US$17/mo, it is a value buy.”

John Cho

Technology Specialist, TD Ameritrade Asia

“I recommend that everyone signs up for Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy today because I can safely say that Chris is someone who will genuinely educate you to become succesful in Value Investing. He does not paints you with unrealistic expectations of stock investing. That is important. ”

Yusfebri Mianta

Analyst Satellite Office Support, Rio Tinto Group

“I highly recommend Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy because I think it is a steal at its price. It packs tremendous value with its comprehensive stock tips and analysis month after month. I also finds it beneficial learning from Chris’s thought process when analysing stock investment.”

Leonard Tan

Entrepreneur , Self Employed

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