Investment Track Records

Equities & Options [Long-Only, Bottom-Up Approach]

Note for absolute return:  25 February 2015 was the first day that I put in money in my US brokerage account. The start of the tracking date for my absolute return as shown in the image above is the end of Q1 2015 – which is 31 March 2015 – for ease of tracking every quarter.

Absolute return simply means looking at the total capital invested in my US stock portfolio and comparing it with the current net asset value of the portfolio and looking at the return/loss comparing those two together.

Focusing on absolute return means that I need to protect capital first on the downside and still make money on the upside.

Capital preservation is key.

Note for annualized investment return relative to S&P 500:  The image above shows the investment return performance if you have put your money in S&P 500 and my united states stock portfolio on 1 March 2015 and takes it out end Q4 2017.

25 February 2015 was the first day that I put in money in my US brokerage account. The start of the tracking date of my relative annualized investment return is seven days after I first put money in my US stock portfolio brokerage account – 1 March 2017. This is for ease of tracking as the S&P 500 total return tracking date starts at 1 March 2017 – and do not have 25 February 2017.

Subsequently, the additional deposits date – an important factor in calculating the annualized investment return – are considered in counting the XIRR.

The S&P 500 total return which is inclusive of capital gains and dividends is used as a benchmark to compare my results.

The above showed the return we will get if we put in X dollar in S&P 500 on 1 March 2015 and took it out end Q4 2017.

The reason why I did not calculate the strait times index return using the STI ETF as a proxy is that – even though initially I did – that the stocks I bought in the US stock portfolio are US stocks. Hence, the nature of the companies and the return would not be comparable.

Hence, I decided to compare my US stock portfolio return with the S&P 500 return – inclusive of capital gains and dividends.

Disclaimer: The figures here are an approximation based on my personal calculation at spot exchange rate at the time of the trade and may not be 100% accurate.

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