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Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Re-ThinkWealth!

I wanted to personally take a second to say hello and welcome you to the Re-ThinkWealth family!

I have always aimed to create a happy community for all to share and learn investment knowledge with one another.

One way that I am doing this is through our new initiative called The RWOA.io Online Mentorship Program. It is catered especially for beginners who are keen to learn more about stock investing (not trading) in a cost-effective way through mentorship personally by me.

Our Articles on Value Investing and Options Selling

Here is a collection of all the articles that we have ever published in our value investing and options selling journey. If you like it, do share it.

 www.re-thinkwealth,sg, www.re-thinkwealth.com

Valuation Ratios – The Basics

 Investing Lessons [Beginners] Valuation Ratios - The Basics Bryan Wang, Re-ThinkWealth Content Expert 28 October 2017 There are two basic forms of valuation ratios - enterprise value multiples, and equity value multiples. What is the difference? Equity value is...

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A Happy environment for all to share and learn investment knowledge with one another.

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