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Hi, my name is Chris Lee Susanto – you can call me Chris! I’m the Founder of Re-ThinkWealth (Est. 2015).

Welcome to my humble blog! 🙂

I Specialize in Value Investing and Options Selling for the U.S. market. And I am planning to leverage on these two methodologies to run my equity fund in the future.

What do you think value investing is? Do you think it is a sustainable method to profit from the stock market in the long run? Here are my track records so far.

I hope you like the articles that my friends and I (mostly me) wrote here. It is meant for easy readings so you can expect the write up to be short and clear.

If you need to, you can always contact me at chris@re-thinkwealth.sg.


 www.re-thinkwealth,sg, www.re-thinkwealth.com

Sony – Deep Value?

Guest Post: Stock Analysis [Advanced] Sony - Deep Value? Bryan Wang, an investment analyst with a portfolio of equities focused on ‘best ideas’. 15 June 2018 Editor note: Bryan is a personal friend of mine - and is a genuine value investor. We often have a discussion...

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