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Hi, my name is Chris Lee Susanto – you can call me Chris! I’m the Editor In Chief of Re-ThinkWealth.

Welcome to my humble blog!

I Specialize in Value Investing and Options Selling for the U.S. market: And I am planning to leverage on these two methodologies to run my hedge fund in the future.

I hope you like the articles that my friends and I (mostly me) wrote here. It is meant for easy readings so you can expect the write up to be rather short generally – but the concept is clear throughout. 

Every month, I write 35-40 pages of monthly premium value investing newsletter consisting of 1 U.S. stock case study detailing how I analyze 1 specific and potentially undervalued stock with good competitive advantage. They are for members only. If you are keen to find out more about it, feel free to chat me using the “Chat with Chris” button in the menu. Chat soon!


 www.re-thinkwealth,sg, www.re-thinkwealth.com

Valuation Ratios – The Basics

 Investing Lessons [Beginners] Valuation Ratios - The Basics Bryan Wang, Re-ThinkWealth Content Expert 28 October 2017 There are two basic forms of valuation ratios - enterprise value multiples, and equity value multiples. What is the difference? Equity value is...

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