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How to Get Rich by Investing in Stock Market? Patience

by Chris Susanto 

29 June 2020 (Last updated: 15 August 2020)

How to get rich by investing in stock market? Can we actually get rich by investing in stocks?

Yes, we can. But we need to utilize both Patience and Compound Interest in Great Companies.

With the proper foundation, framework, character, and skills, I truly believe that the stock market can help even retail investors earn millions and become rich.

The first step is to pick which companies are great. The second step is to know what valuation is considered reasonable for them.

I use our 4M1S Growth Framework to think about those. On top of analyzing the business and valuation, we also analyze the management, our portfolio, and have a proper mindset and strategy for the particular stock.

One Great Stock Hold for Decades

Patience is one of the key determinants to make a fortune in the stock market.

The ones who have gotten rich from stock investment are those that have held their stakes in it for decades.

Peter Lim held his stakes in Wilmar for a long time before he exited and got his Billion dollar. He invests in a business-like way and he did not try to time the market on when to enter and exit his Wilmar investment.

Imagine you are back in 1986 and you have invested $10,000 in Microsoft. By 2020, your stake will be worth about $13 million.

Most People Would Not Have The Patience

But if you have bought Microsoft back in 1986, would you have the patience to still hold it till today, which is about 30 years later?

Most won’t.

Hence, patience is the key that separates the great investors to amateurs.

Most people would have already sold their Microsoft stake when it doubled or tripled.

The great investors don’t, because they know that Microsoft is a growing company that continues to generate a high amount of cash and ever-growing earnings.

Getting Rich From Stocks Require Patience

There is a lot of patience in investing quotes around. But patience when investing is still so underrated in today’s fast-paced environment.

Many people forget to put the word patience and investing together.

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Being a patient investor is tough. Why?

1. Information moves so fast

2. It is easy to get information

3. People can easily share their views on how the market or a particular stock will move with the internet.

With the combination of these three things, we feel that we always need to respond to it. We don’t.

This article will serve as a reminder for us to have patience when we invest in businesses through the stock market

Patience can produce uncommon profits.” is a quote by an investing legend that is admired by Warren Buffett. His name is Philip L Carret.

Another investing great admired by Charlie Munger called Philip Fisher (also a huge proponent of patience in investing) says I don’t want to spend my time trying to earn a lot of little profits. I want very, very big profits that I’m ready to wait for.”

The most important thing we can learn from the above two quotes is that patience is indispensable to make big money.

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However, being patient is not easy. Joel Greenblatt says it best when he says:

“The biggest challenge for investors is patience and that is in short supply. You used to get a quarterly statement and often throw it in the garbage; now you can check your stock price 30 times a minute. There’s a lot more data, a lot more ability to crunch numbers, and compare people. That works against investors, and patience continues to be the hardest challenge. It always was, but now it is even worse.”

Ease of information – good for investing? Bad for Getting Rich Through Stocks?

Now, we can get information easily at the palm of our hands.

Unfortunately, that is both a good and a bad thing.

The good is that we can make decisions easier and faster because we can get the data easier.

The bad is that we tend to be subconsciously affected by bad news or even analyst reports that say something that goes against our long-term thesis. Of course, it is important to recognize opposing views, but it is bad if we are emotionally affected and unable to act rationally because of it.

“At the beginning of the AGM of the Berkshire Hathaway Company they show this little video and each year Buffett is asked what’s the main difference between himself and the average investor, and he answers patience. And there is so little of it these days. Has anyone heard of getting rich slowly.” -Nicholas Sleep

Why Patience is Vital to Get Rich Through Stocks

A business takes time to grow and to recover.

Netflix was once a small-capitalization stock, now it is used by millions around the world. Small companies take years to be a big company.

Citibank was on the verge of collapse in the 2008 crisis, now it is doing much better. A company in trouble takes time to turn itself around.

Having an owner mentality means that we will grow together with the business.

How can we grow together with the business if we are trading in and out of the stock?

Also, it is impossible to predict what the market or the company will do this and the next quarter. Often time, they will surprise us. But if we are asked to predict what a company will be like years down the road, it is easier.

For example, if you ask me what Facebook will be doing two, three years down the road, I would say likely their focus would still be on digital advertising. And likely their market share would have improved further due to more migration of advertisement towards digital. But if you ask me whether their earnings and share price will be higher or lower one or two quarters from today, I do not know – and I will not bet my money on that outcome.

Is Patience Enough to Get Rich Through Stocks?

People often have the misconception that value investing is merely long term investing. That value investing is doing nothing for a very long period of time. Is that true?

And it is enough to just be patient and we can get rich true stocks.

That is true only to a certain extent. If we want to have big money, patience is one of the key ingredients for it.

Another two key ingredients that many people forgot are the company analysis and valuation part.

Remember that above I mentioned that Philip Fisher says, “I don’t want to spend my time trying to earn a lot of little profits. I want very, very big profits that I’m ready to wait for.”

He is absolutely spot on. But in order to do that, we need to buy the stock at an undervalued or fair valued price in the first place. And for that, we need to be fairly accurate at not just buying the right business but also at the right price. And know at what price when it is starting to get ridiculously high in relation to its future growth – then sell it for that big profits.

Therefore, patience alone is not enough; we need to understand the business well enough to know at what price is good enough for us to buy it. So in the future, we have a reasonable probability of selling them at big profits (because we know their fair and overvalued range in relation to the price we bought them at).

I think that Warren Buffett is able to be so rich because he does three things right:

  1. He knows what is a great business
  2. He knew at what price it is attractive
  3. He is patient when holding them

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Patience May Change Destiny

There is an article in The Balance called The Mathematics of Getting Rich by Stocks.

The article is short but gets to the point on how one great investment held for long, can potentially change one’s destiny.

“Great fortunes arise from decades of holding stocks in extremely profitable firms that generate ever-growing earnings.”

The basic strategy is to pick a great company with ever-growing earnings and hold them for the long-term.

In Conclusion

In my view, if we invest in a businesslike way with the proper framework and valuations, it is rare to get 3X, 4X, 5X return on our investment in stock investment within a short period of time.

It will take some time, it may be months or years, the market never ceases to surprise us. But the principles are clear, to make the big money, not only do we need to get our initial buying decision right (right management, right business, right price), we also need to sit on our ass and be patient.

So, to sum it up, do not try to time the market, be selective about what we buy and rarely sell unless it makes sense to sell.

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Chris Lee Susanto

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