New Logo Design for Re-ThinkWealth

Chris Lee Susanto, Founder at Re-ThinkWealth.com

12 October 2018


  • After close to 4 years since starting this blog, it is time for a new logo design/rebranding of Re-ThinkWealth.
  • The new logo is designed to further evoke the need to rethink/invert our thinking to protect downside first in order to maximize the upside of an idea.
  • It also reminds us that the stock market goes up and down but in the end, the right idea will prevail.

The New Re-ThinkWealth Logo

re-thinkwealth, value investing, options selling, chris lee susanto

The above image is how the new Re-ThinkWealth logo looks like. As you might have noticed, it is a combination of “R” and “W” which stands for Re-ThinkWealth. At the same time, the shape of the logo embodies the resemblance of how a stock market will behave. The stock market goes down and up, but the right idea will keep on going further up over time. There is also a partial arrow pointing down at the beginning of the “R” to remind us to always invert our thinking beforehand, by thinking what could go wrong with the idea, we are minimizing our downside and leaving the upside to take care of itself if we decide to invest.

By inverting, we will also reject most ideas that may sound good but is not great. The name of the game is about rejecting good ideas and wait for the “perfect pitch” or great ideas. A lot of value investors can be caught up in the short-term movements of the stock price and that is a bad thing. By inverting our thinking, we will be able to tone down the “greed” in us because we are focused on the “bad things” first before the “good things” that will attract us to invest in the company.

The above logo is finalized after consulting some of the believable people I admired in the finance industry.

Re-ThinkWealth Logo with Slogan

The slogan is simply “A Value Investing & Options Selling Blog”. This is to show the focus of this blog. Options selling is an additional cash flow generating strategy that complements value investing, which is also practiced by Warren Buffett. Based on my estimate, this strategy has bumped up my annualized return by at least around 600 basis points every year.

I am also putting the year in which I started investing & started this blog. That year is the year 2015. Putting the year will be able to aid in reminding me of how far I have come and the fact that I need to guard my track records well because investing is a long-term endeavor.

The font type for the slogan and the year is Serif to show more credibility.

Here’s how it looks like, there are a few versions:

re-thinkwealth, value investing, options selling, chris lee susantore-thinkwealth, value investing, options selling, chris lee susanto

re-thinkwealth, value investing, options selling, chris lee susanto


The information provided is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a personalized investment or financial advice.

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