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Hi, my name is Chris Lee Susanto – you can call me Chris! I’m the Editor In Chief of Re-ThinkWealth.

Welcome to my humble blog! 🙂

I Specialize in Value Investing and Options Selling for the U.S. market: And I am planning to leverage on these two methodologies to run my equity fund in the future.

What do you think value investing is?

Do you think it is a sustainable method to profit from the stock market over the long run?

I hope you like the articles that my friends and I (mostly me) wrote here. It is meant for easy readings so you can expect the write up to be short and clear.


 www.re-thinkwealth,sg, www.re-thinkwealth.com

Valuation Ratios – The Basics

 Investing Lessons [Beginners] Valuation Ratios - The Basics Bryan Wang, Re-ThinkWealth Content Expert 28 October 2017 There are two basic forms of valuation ratios - enterprise value multiples, and equity value multiples. What is the difference? Equity value is...

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